The Hiker

by Greg Hosack

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An early recording of "The Hiker." Inspired by my experiences hiking in the mountains of Maine and New Hampshire.


The Hiker - © 2012 Greg Hosack

A substance of power and unerring need
the loss of which should make you cry
Filling in gaps and omissions unseen
in a breathtaking lullaby

So I'll paint a picture of what might be seen
with a view from the tail of a kite
as the stars watch me sleep from their universe
through my window at night

I'm being eaten alive
and I'm drowning in sweat
but it's not without its gain
Like watching the falls from a mountain path
or when I walk in the rain

I arrive at the moment, all hopes fulfill
and harvest my dreams from the sky
I fill up my lungs and I breath victory
as I open my eyes

Climbing a ladder that has no end
I miss a beat every time I look down
But I lift my chin up and I grip the rungs
and put some space between myself and the ground

The texture of a wall of stone,
rough and cold to the touch of a human hand
Its endless miles journey onward
Its borderlines disappearing into the mist at the edge of reckoning

Beyond it lies a fountain of solitude
from its spout pours the essence of singleness
An aquatic prism acting in reverse
merging together the diversity of a sprawling universe

With conceptions of meandering daydreams
joining, mingling together forming one stream - flowing free

to a river of whole light that contains
all the colors, ingenious thoughts, and inspiration of an impossibly wide world

And it flows and weaves through the mountains,
by trail that I once walked
Though I sail now instead on a magical ship
to the endless seven seas of imagination


released November 29, 2004
Original Recording and Engineering by Larry Hosack



all rights reserved


Greg Hosack Greer, South Carolina

I write introspective songs that feature nature imagery. This is where I park my music. I keep other, special projects (like Album-a-days) here as well.

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